That awkward moment when your outfit partially matches the ones of the circus performers. 

Remember it pretty well for how long I've been slewing in front of the mirror and couldn't decide what to wear. There are days, when things themselves come together to create a complete set. There are days, when you can't make anything up. And then you simply sit and nothing comes to your head. It was exactly this kind of day.
After numerous attempts and when favorite bleached jeans and snow white Converses were already on me, a striped blouse came in action. "Bingo!" I thought and went to the city, having put a long vest on as well. At that time I had no idea who I was about to meet. 
It was a street circus. Circus performers, by coincidence, also happened to wear striped clothes. The only thing I miscalculated was make-up. If only I whitened face and added some bright colors to make-up, then I could easily join circus performers and together with other artists cheer the crowd up!
Jokes aside. To talk seriously about the performance of the street circus, I was really impressed, just like everyone else.  Having taken one of the main squares of the city over, circus artists started to amuse and amaze Riga people with their skills. Crowd, which happened to grow bigger with every minute, even after the performance didn't hurry to leave, hoping that artists will perform an encore. Everyone will agree that these  kind of performances are a sort of novelty for the inhabitants of Riga, not every day you happen to see freelancers performing in the streets of the city. Unfortunately for the crown, especially for those who joined the performance right at the end, the only thing that tired, but happy artists could do is to take a few photos with newly appeared fans.  

Look of the Day:
Reserved striped shirt
Cubus bleached jeans
WAREHOUSE long vest
H&M sunglasses