This is a story of how one dreams about Summer during a dull cold Autumn day. 

Of those warm, even too warm, Summer days. And evenings. When getting up early you don't have to think of how to dress warmly, in case if the whole day will be cold. It's Summer, it's not gonna get cold, on the contrary, it'll get warmer. Except for a couple of extremely rainy weeks.
Jokes aside, but this is exactly such kind of thoughts that get into person's mind, when he or she catches cold. Here it is, a body that got unaccustomed to the real, I would even say, severe Autumn. The first whiff of Autumn and I spent a week in bed arm in arm with a box of Theraflu and a mug of hot tea.
I even had a chance to get a bit nostalgic over school days when you could safely afford to spend a week in bed and watch movies all day. Simply indulge in laziness. During university years I, of course, couldn't afford myself that. After all, there on the foggy Albion the rhythm of life is totally different. 
Speaking of Summer. On one of the last truly warm and sunny days of September, I made a sortie to the seaside. This pretty textured place was a result of not a very long walk. I would rather leave it a mystery - where it is and how to find it.

Look of the Day:
Reserved straw bowler hat
H&M white shirt
vintage midi dress
Fossil bracelet