A whole field of sunflowers. The whole field of sunnilly-happy sunflowers. 

You know, there are days, when nothing happens. I mean, it feels like nothing happens. And then... then happens a lot. It feels like everything turns upside down. All these meetings, events, experiences knocks you off your feet and you don't really understand what's happening.
But, you know, I guess we all live for the sake of such moments. Why? Simply because due to these moments you are able to move forward, revealing new horizons for yourself.
The last couple of days were full of events and new meetings. I got a chance to meet really interesting people and discover others from new, unexpected side. And once again I had a chance to become a student. Though only for a couple of hours. Just yesterday a meeting with a living legend was held at the Art Academy of Latvia, a man whose persona for the world of Latvian fashion is as significant, as, for example, is Suzy Menkes's persona on the world level. Actually, I guess, I certainly played down the significance of this man, because after all he is the father of Latvian fashion. So, Bruno Birmanis took a chance to have a talk to future professionals of Latvian fashion and held a lecture on the topic "From Untamed Fashion Assembly To Fashion Injection". What "Untamed Fashion Assembly" used to be? What way went the festival from the its actual launch till the final show? How did the "Assembly" affect Latvian fashion? Why the first ever Latvian selection for Lithuanian festival "Fashion Injection" will be held? What Bruno Birmanis thinks of modern Latvian fashion? Do we have real fashion designers in Latvia? During the meeting, Mr. Birmanis answered to all these and many other questions.
Have to point out, if in my university I had such a lecture as Bruno Birmanis, I would never miss any of his lectures! He is a kind of person, who you are ready to listen and follow, no doubt. And who, unlike many others, knows and understands what he is talking about, by supporting own thoughts with sound arguments and examples. 
In general, a two-hour lecture aroused a full set of emotions in me. Just like the field of sunflowers did. About a month ago on my way from Bauska to Riga I happened to discover a beautiful solar-yellow colored field. No, I couldn't pass by. Having turned to nearby road and parked my car, I... what I am telling you, everything is seen in the pictures.

Look of the Day:
Vila lace neon top
Zara wrap over shorts
New Look cross body bag