Autumn kicked off unexpectedly. 

The city got in the rush called "September the first". Even after graduating from school this day seems to remain a bit special. Every now and then an eye catches school kids with flowers, who remind you that once you were just like them, going to school on the first day of Autumn. Actually, it's been just a couple of years since those times. You went to school to give a start to another nine-month race. 
The last three years the beginning of September was a sign that I should start my packing process. The ticket for the plane was usually bought by this time, so the only thing that was left - packed suitcases. With the beginning of September a feeling of excitement used to capture me, as I knew that almost in a month I'll be back to London style student life. 
This first day of September is totally different to any previous one. Today is filled with light feeling of nostalgia and new hopes and plans at the same time. To tell the truth, I was waiting for the first day of Autumn since the last couple of months. Somewhere deep inside I knew that with the advent of this day a certain stage is about to be finished. Though, maybe it's actually me, who set this kind of programme and put it in my head. Anyway, a lot of unknown, new and interesting stuff is ahead.
Since I've raised school topic. The main attribute of a school kid is now in my wardrobe - it's a backpack. Back in school days, a pretty serious dislike towards backpacks appeared, so at some point I simply replaced it with a handbag. Walking around with the bag and carry books in hands or carry no books at all seemed to be a norm for us. In my own understanding backpack was a part of nerds wardrobe, but not teenager's, who is trying to be modern. Well, just like once disliked by majority nerd style became trendy, so did a backpack, which thanks to designers is now in a must-have list of many fashionistas all over the world.
So, armed with boyfriend style jeans, basic white t-shirt, unisex blazer, hat and loafers, as well as a backpack, I went to Riga Festival. Due to a laid-back and  relaxed look many citizens thought that I was a tourist, peacefully strolling around the Old Town and carefully observing everyone and everything.   

Look of the Day:
H&M ripped boyfriend jeans
HOLLY & WHYTE animal print loafers
Jenny Fairy quilted backpack