Autumn and Russian scarf. Russian scarf and Autumn. They were made for each other... 

So more than half of Autumn already passed. The last days of October give a countdown to fashion month in Latvia. And the finale of this fashion month is Riga Fashion Week that starts today!
The plan for the next five days is all about fashion shows and presentations of both, Latvian and foreign, designers. Grand opening of RFW is going to be tonight's fashion show of brand. Pretty interesting what will the brand, which idea is about recycling old stuff and materials, show. The other looking-forward shows of the week will be the ones from our beloved Sin on the Beach, Anna Led, Red Salt, Katya Katya Shehurina and others.
You can follow our Riga Fashion Week journey in live mode in Instagram HERE and Facebook HERE, where I'll try to spread as much photos and news, as possible. And in the nearest future posts-reviews of each show will appear on the blog. Don't miss it!
And yet there are still some hours left till the first fashion show kicks off and everyone still preparing for the start of the fashion week, we'll delve into a gentle autumn countryside in A La Russe style. It's all about my beloved combination of red coat, Russian scarf and red lips. A very strong combination.

Look of the Day:
Russian scarf
Zara wool coat
Forever21 V-neck jumper
iCe plaid mini skirt
Miss Selfridge ankle boots
MAC Red lipstick