Continuing total leather look topic. Femininity and boldness in one set. 

Just like in a previous look, this time a huge accent was made on leather clothes and accessories. Though, that time it was a combination of trousers and jacket, moreover, of different colors. And, if that time blue color did overcome black one, this time it was all about harmony. In terms of colors and pieces themselves.
In today's outfit, once again, I used separates that together make a real couple, like a suit. I've already made such sets, for example, the Summer one with jacket and shorts, which you once again can check out HERE, although those two pieces were not a duo initially, but together seemed to be like the one. So it happened this time, jacket and skirt turned to be a perfect combination in terms of color, style and fabric.
I won't dissemble, partially I got the skirt just because of the jacket. I mean, this tandem appeared in my head immediately, and taking into consideration my addiction to create combinations a la suits, I even didn't think about it any longer. Eventually, you can count it as the second breath, or life, for my beloved jacket, which has been with me for about two years and I still can't get bored of it.
So what can we combine such a duo with? If we speak about color, then the best option for brown is black. Unbeatable color combo. If we speak about fabrics, then leather will look great with leather and it can be freshened by knitted sweater. But, if we speak about style, and it's all about biker and boldness, then I suggest to add some straps, chains and other sort of embellishment to your look. And, of course, don't forget about a hat. There's no Autumn without a hat!

Look of the Day:
Sonia Rykiel embellished sweater
Reserved faux leather/suede jacket
Zara leather skirt with zip
Red Herring biker boots