18 bloggers and 1 task. To present own country through the outfit. All of them are now united by one name - fashion patriots. 

Here it is, the moment of truth. Had been waiting for the launch of this project-article since the second half of August. Back then I was contacted by the team of an online community MyStuff.sk and offered to take part in an interesting project called "Fashion Patriots".
The aim of the project is that each of selected bloggers had to represent own country only through a costume. It could have been folk costume or separate pieces of it, colors of the country, or simply of its flag. Therefore, MyStuff.sk wanted to show how bloggers and fashionistas from around the world see their country, its culture and identity, and how all of it can be translated through modern fashion.
No less than 18 bloggers - representatives of completely different countries and nationalities found themselves taking part in it. So readers can have a look at fashion patriots from Japan, Brazil, Russia, Italy, Australia, USA and others. And, of course, you can have a look at my very own styling.
I had an honor to present Latvia. Of course, I'm a representative of the indigenous population of this country, but, as I grew up and learnt a lot about its culture and history, moreover, my family's history is tightly connected to Riga and Latvia. The name I gave to my look is "Tautas Meita of a New Generation" (from Latvian "tautas meita" means people's daughter). More photos and detailed description is coming soon. 
Unfortunately, as I already said, the website is originally Slovak and exactly in Slovak language the whole article is written. I think all of you, just like me myself, would have found it really interesting to read the story of each blogger about their stylings. Anyway, you can always use an online translator. But the main thing here are photo-stylings, because due to them we can choose favorites and the best ones. You can check out all participants HERE.  
P.S. My favorite looks are from bloggers Ketherin from Brazil and Laura from Japan. Which ones did you catch fancy?

Photo courtesy MyStuff.sk