Leather... Once upon a time, when I was a kid, a persistent dislike towards leather trousers appeared... 

It was the end of the 1990-s, or even the beginning of the 2000-s, when my granddad brought leather trousers from my mum and aunty straight from France. My grandfather was a seaman and saw a lot of oceans, seas, countries, continents. During his last years on board, which coincided with my childhood, he only traveled to France. He used to bring a lot of stuff from there - clothes, toys, all sort of things. And once brought those unlucky leather pants. I remember them till now - black leather and some garters at the bottom, on the sides. Thank God my mum never ever wore them! Don't know why, but back then, being a kid of around 10 years, I considered it as really bad taste, because I never saw anyone around Riga wearing sch.
It was later, when I found out what fashion is and you that you don't necessarily need to be like "everyone in town". More than 10 years passed since then, and leather trousers are again in top. And now I can't image myself without a pair of black ones, in fact I have a pair of white in my closet as well. I have a real leather collection now - skirts, shorts, jackets and now trousers. This fabric is among my autumn favorites.
Just like loafers, or smoking slippers. Well, my animal print loafers already had their "time to shine" this season. Weather in the city leaves much to be desired, and by the end of the week we are promised to experience the first snow. Though my loafers got a chance to be featured in a very interesting article-review about such fall trend, as smoking slippers, on Fashionsy website. It's such an honor to find my look among many other bloggers and their interesting outfits. Article can be find in PRESS section, as well as HERE.
So we have leather trousers and loafers. It ca be combined with something bold, for example, shirt, sloppy tucked at one end, and a leather jacket, simply thrown over the shoulders. Moreover, both may be of the same color. As well as a small handbag that can be held in hand or worn on the shoulder, if it has a long strap. 

Look of the Day:
iCe printed shirt
REDIAL jacket
Colloseum leather trousers
HOLLY & WHYTE animal print loafers
H&M sunglasses