Good Friday to everyone! No look for today. Only PANDORA. Only charm bracelet. And me, but on the other side of the camera. 

Being a doctor of a photographer I'm used to observe how the process of object shooting goes on. You think that it's easier than shooting people? Nothing like that. One such session can last for hours. And it's not even about correct light, daily one is really useful here, or how reflectors are exposed, or how shadows are placed, though all the mentioned factors are super important. The point is that you'll change position of thing a million times, because it should look as if the bracelet is put in a box slightly carelessly or you simply want to make few options with different object placement.
Arguments are arguments, but nobody will explain you the object shooting better than the master. I'm actually here in a position of amateur photographer, but a constant blog photographer and true master of her craft, Tanya Egorova knows everything about object shootings. So, if you are very very interested in in this topic, my advice for you would be to follow her official Facebook page HERE.
In the mean time, I share with you one of my recent experiences. Where PANDORA charm bracelet took the role of the main model. Seems to me that a couple of pictures could easily be a part of brand's ad campaign.


Photos: A. Puzova