Autumn in elegant grunge style. 

As they say, the way you start a week, so you'll spend it. For me it started with loads of positive and pleasant emotions. And all this is a result of the previous week. Slightly different events turned to be not only an enjoyable pastime, but also a source of inspiration.
First of all, there was a press day organized by Polhem PR Latvia, during which the company introduced a variety of brands with their Christmas collections. Starting with Marks&Spencer and finishing with, our beloved, LUSH. Although, we still have some 2 months till the start of Christmas and New Year season, it's high time to start thinking about Christmas gifts!
Secondly, "Romeo and Juliet" ballet became a pleasant discovery of the season, which premiered on Friday. Thanks to our dearest Victoria, I had a chance to see it prior to the actual premier, as it was a dress rehearsal on Thursday, with a lot of interested spectators. I'm not professional or critic, but, in my opinion, the work of choreographers, set designers, costume designer and, of course, ballet artists themselves is excellent! And though we all know the end of the story about Romeo and Juliet, you still hope that just about now, this very moment, everything will go the other way. Well, I'm not going to tell you everything. It's better to see it once yourself than hear dozens of stories from others! So, don't miss out on it! 
And, thirdly, the most peaceful and popular event in town last week turned to be the celebration of FREYWILLE brand 5 years in Riga. The Austrian company really gathered a big number of friends, clients and fans on Friday evening. Moreover, they didn't leave guests empty-handed and presented a little Kolibri Orchid literally to each guest. One of such lovely orchids will now live on my coffee table and remind of our slightly less than five years friendship with FREYWILLE.
That's how diverse last week happened to be. This one will be even more interesting and full with events. In the meantime, I suggest you slightly dissemble today's, absolutely fresh, look.
I called it elegant grunge, because it has a little bit from each of these styles. Light knit dress, with shine and cut... daring biker boots and leather jacket were simply made for it. Without any further thinking, I added quilted backpack to the set. And completed the entire look with brown-bronze lipstick, which found in a collection of Latvian brand Dzintars. This lipstick color is pretty popular this season, it'll add a touch of mystery to its owner.

Look of the Day:
Unknown knit maxi dress in shine
Reserved faux leather/suede jacket
Red Herring biker boots
Jenny Fairy quilted leather backpack
Dzintars Kredo Lux T 46 lipstick