A lot has been said about black color. Black is a new black. Black is back in fashion.

Black is a color of a mystery and secret. Black is a color of an intellectual. Black is all about light classics and elegance. A lot of associations, legends and beliefs.
I believe that black is one of the most interesting colors of all. By itself it's not bright and eye-catchy, but if it's used correctly, then total black look can attract a lot of attention to yourself. How? Through the game of fabrics and styles.
Well, if you really adore black color, then your casual look will consist of jeans or leather trousers, top or a jumper, leather jacket or coat, biker boots or flats, maybe even pointed-toe ones. Much depends on weather and your preferred look. do you want to look laid-back or bold and daring, elegant or use the latest fashion trends. Everything depends on you and the pieces you choose. You can replace flats with high heels and leather jacket with classic blazer.
Today my look, which is predominantly black, is all about casual chic. Like I said, the game of fabrics will help - knitted sweater, leather trousers, biker boots with embellishment and wool hat. Such game of contrasts looks great! But I still decided to add some color. And orange colored poncho helped here a lot.
This season poncho is back in trend. And orange color is, of course, a total Autumn color. Color of orange, already fallen leaves that melodically rustle  under your feet, when you stroll through strewn alley. And the best musical accompaniment for such a picture will be "Autumn Leaves" (Les Feuilles Mortes), which was performed by Edith Piaf, and Frank Sinatra, and Eric Clapton, and many others. 

Look of the Day:
Reserved cable knit sweater
Colloseum leather trousers
Regent poncho
Red Herring biker boots