Let me bring some diversity to this week's topic and introduce a new outfit. 

We have already checked out half of the collections that were shown during the 10th, anniversary, fashion festival Riga Fashion Mood. We have a lot of interesting reviews to come, including the most famous and beloved Latvian designers. Stay tuned!
As I already said before, it was my very first time at the festival Riga Fashion Mood, just like for Victoria Punegova, who supported us with some cool photos. So what kind of emotions did the first experience of RFM evoke? Only positive ones - amazing Dita Danosa was sharing some behind the scenes secrets of the festival, great selection of designers, seven, or even eight, fashion shows that took only 2-3 hours to showcase, relaxed atmosphere and the most interesting guests of the festival. Those two days were pretty much amazing!
By the way, you might think that Victoria is a photograph? But it's a false assumption. Photography for her is some sort of hobby. Well, who our dearest Victoria is, will still remain a secret. But I can assure you that soon everything will be revealed. I can say even more, you will certainly like it!
Meanwhile, offer all of us to take time machine and go back in one month. While sun was still shining, cold wind didn't make us wrap up as much as possible,  but leaves on the trees haven't changed colors completely. It was the last chance to plunge into the grave. For example, put favorite faux leather shorts, jumper and a pair of Converse on. Add a backpack to this ensemble that is similar to shorts texture - quilted leather. And the best color solution for this was, and will be, black and white combination.

Look of the Day:
Forever21 quilted faux leather shorts
Jenny Fairy quilted backpack