What's interesting about Riga Fashion Mood festival, is the fact that new names in Latvian fashion are introduced. And one of such names is a designer Andra Andžāne. 

Would like to point out the androgynity of the collection. During the show, I guess, everyone in the audience wondered - if it's a girl or a boy... Perhaps it was the hallmark that couldn't leave the collection unnoticed.
According to Andra Andžāne, collection is quite of a unisex, so the bravest male representatives can look after something interesting out here. Of course, first of all, the designer thought about women, but should I talk about how inter-sexual boundaries got blurred?
What designer wanted to tell us with this collection? Andra Andžāne wanted to show duality of modern women, who seem to be strong and unapproachable from the outside, but inside are very sensual beings.
Playing with fabrics, playing with shapes, playing with prints and color combinations. Yes, it's all about sporty yet unusual collection by Andra Andžāne. Honestly, the collection reminds more of a journey to underwater world. If you can play with certain fabrics and change their initial associations, the fabric that was "borrowed" from diver's locker in most cases won't be able to hide their true identity.
Can't say that I didn't like Andra Andžāne's collection, of course it did bring some sort of emotions. Anyway, it brought diversity to the festival, while the game of fabrics was quite interesting. 

Photos: Victoria Punegova