Another Latvian brand with good outlooks for future. It's IN by Inga Nipane, whose designer, as you might have found it out, is Inga Nipane. 

While creating this collection the designer got inspired by medieval knights. And again war and peace topic, but in its earlier version.
Designer Inga Nipane wanted to see how could a female version of knights would look like in modern world. As far as modern women decided to fight for equal rights, it's high time to assume the role of masculine, brave and strong, inner and spiritually strong of course, characters.
No brigandine, armours, shields or horses. The main weapon for females are skirts and dresses, with the help of such pieces IN by Inga Nipane suggests to defeat enemies, and it can be added by short or long coats. Muted colors (grey, black and brown), wool and leather, slim silhouette, feminine shapes, below the knee or maxi length. The main twist are the details that can be found in every single dress or coat. These are either folds, leather inserts, mix of two contrasting fabrics or studs. 
The collection is not provocative at all, it rather gives an impression that you should not fight against such woman. Better take your white flag out and surrender voluntarily!
This collection by IN by Inga Nipane was my favorite from the first day of Riga Fashion Mood. I would definitely try every single look on myself.

Photos: Victoria Punegova