The most contradictory collection of all that were shown during Riga Fashion Mood festival. Laima Ūdre and her collection "Fantomas in Hospital". Would Fantomas actually like it? 

Diversity is the thing that makes me love fashion. Diversity of ideas, designs, styles... This diversity creates a balance. In the previous posts we looked at the collections that were more simple and minimalistic, filled with naturalness and elegance. Laima Ūdre's collection is a complete contrast and in this case everything is based on extraordinary thinking, or how we are used to name it - creativity.
As they say, from one extreme to another. Staring with generally accepted standards, presented in collections of TABAKA and IN by Inga Nipane, and ending with unconventional ideas by Laima Ūdre. Want to note straightaway that Laima Ūdre is not the most creative designer, you can name, perhaps, a good dozen of designers, whose collections will amaze your mind and make you look at it with a mouth open. But we'll talk about it in more details, if I bring up the topic about "Fashion Injection", the most prominent Lithuanian fashion festival.
In terms of sch festival, as Riga Fashion Mood and presented designers/brands, where the majority of them chose the safe side tactics, which is not bad at all. Laima Ūdre and her collection turned to be something completely different.
Artful mix of materials, suit a la frog (hopefully the designer will forgive me this), a strange cape resembling either a cape, or a poncho, or some sort of special equipment. All this doesn't set you to enjoy a show, but rather makes you wonder, if you could dare to try any of these on?
The actual contradiction of the collection is hidden in a response of the above set question. The first two, even three, looks from the runway I loved the most You just need to replace sneakers with high heels, put hats far away in a box - and it will be a street style look from the fashion week somewhere in Milan or London! I won't comment on the rest looks, perhaps the names I gave to these pieces before say it all. Anyway, I send a big plus to the designer for such a light creativity.

Photos: Victoria Punegova