Beginning of a new working week should be enjoyable and interesting. That's why we are continuing with Riga Fashion Mood topic. 

Today we'll have reviews of two other collections by the upcoming Latvian designers. And the first one is Liene Bukovska.
Nature of Latvia, or to be precise it's meadows and magical healing plants, served as an inspiration for the designer. The image of Latvian national healer Zilākalna Marta, who by the way was named one of the seven most famous healers in the world, played a huge role in the creation of this collection! I confess that it's the first time that I heard of such legendary person, as Zilākalna Marta. I even undertook some online investigation and found out that several books and exhibitions were dedicated to this woman. So it is, fashion that teaches you not only about styles and trends, but also helps to expand personal horizons by making you discover something new or press some serious topics.
Going back to the collection by Liene Bukovska. It's not really big and consists of dresses, dresses in calm and monochrome colors with a slight variation of sleeves and hem length. Only natural fabrics were used - it's cotton, linen and leather - which can be seen mixed with transparent mesh fabrics. This combination of fabrics, and dresses styles especially, vaguely, but do resemble bags in which various herbs are stored, from calendula to camomile and yarrow.
In general, the collection is pretty simple, filled with naturalness and spirituality. What should we wear it with? Taking into consideration practicality and universality of such dresses, I would recommend to play with accessories - massive necklaces, bags in interesting shapes and color combinations (just the way it was shown on the runway), you can also try to add some cute head piece. I, personally, would combine such a dress with classic coat (or, again, a cardigan as it was advised by the designer)  in a glamorous color and elegant court shoes, or even heeled sandals, as well in some interesting color.

Photos: Victoria Punegova