I still haven't fully covered the topic of how to use elements and parts of Latvian national costume in everyday looks, having soldered a couple for later times.  

Though designer Simona Veilande did cover the topic of modern use of Latvian folk costume completely.
Finding inspiration in the cultural heritage of Latvia, and especially in that exact national costume, the designer did transform it into something ultra modern and daring. You won't find maxi skirts, shirts with ethnic embroidery and wool shawls out here.
Having changed forms and materials, as well as the usage of certain pieces of the folk costume, completely, Simona Veilande presented a version that will suit every young girl. Those wool shawls, or villaines, and vests got transformed into oversize coats, while shirts - into tops and jumpers with massive details, maxi skirts got shortened or modified, but in some cases even turned into bermuda shorts.
In short, transformation was brought to a beyond recognition level. I think it's unlikely for a person who knows absolutely nothing about Latvian folk costume  could understand the essence of this collection. On the other hand, it makes you go and explore the topic.
And when asked whether this collection caught me, yes, it did. Especially, a couple of coats and tops. You can always find them a perfect combination.

Photos: Victoria Punegova