The first day of Riga Fashion Mood. And it was marked by fashion shows of the upcoming Latvian designers. And of them is Krista Tabaka and her label TABAKA. 

For the entire world the fashion month ended with the last day of Paris Fashion Week, but for Latvia it just started. And Latvian fashion month started with the biggest fashion festival Riga Fashion Mood. In the next 7, or even more, days we'll have a look at each collection separately.
And we'll start with brand TABAKA and their Spring/Summer 2015 collection "MIR" (Eng. "PEACE)". Designer got influenced by war and peace topic putting some accent on love, friendship and protest against discrimination on the world level.
Primarily black and white colors, simple lines and shapes, ankle length pants, blazer vest, transparent tops with prints of all continents or "MIR" word (Eng. World or Peace), jumpers that can be combined with super short shorts or pencil skirts - that's how brand TABAKA sees the following Spring/Summer season.
As simple as that, just the way it should be. Why then people do complicate everything? I guess, that's what Krista Tabaka was wondering about while creating this casually-minimalistic collection.
My opinion is that each piece from "MIR" collection could become an ideal addition to every fashionista's wardrobe. You can combine it either with equally simple stuff or more high-fashion ones. 

Photos: Victoria Punegova