What fashion festival without menswear collection? Today we'll have a look at the collection of a young and ambitious designer Zane Poriete, which is called "Catch Me If You Can". 

When the name of the collection is mentioned, the eponymous movie by Steven Spielberg, where the main role was played by Leonardo DiCaprio, immediately comes to ones mind. The story of Frank Abagnale, a skilled impostor, who could dare act as prosecutor, doctor and even a pilot, I think, is known by everyone.
But Zane Poriete's collections has nothing to do with the movie. It's rather linked with the story of gold fish, which many dream to catch. Or the designer meant that men are these gold fishes? Or is it related to a favorite male hobby - fishing? All shown pieces, if you have an even closer look, resemble fisherman's image, but with a good dose of irony.
Combination of prints, like those of drops and boats, phrases and colors, trousers length that varies from long ones, which hide, or shorts that charmingly open men's legs - I guess, Zane Poriete has a good sense of humor.
The collection turned to be not only ironic. Of course it's not London dandy, Parisian gentleman or Milanese mod, but a very modern young man, with great sense of humor towards himself. Don't know about you, but I'm already waiting for the next collection of Zane Poriete. I can't stop wondering what else can this designer come up with!

Photos: Victoria Punegova