It's a good Monday, as today I finally can reveal all photos of this very special look. 

As I promised, together with a big set of photos I'm giving you a little description of the outfit that took part in "Fashion Patriots" project-article by You can find out more about all other fashion patriots HERE.
When I was offered an opportunity to create an outfit that expresses my country the best, a picture of this look immediately appeared in my mind. The idea was to combine modern fashion with pieces of Latvian folk costume. Latvian folk blouse is a simple white shirt with national embroidery. If you pay a closer attention to the collar and sleeves of the shirt, you will find an iconic symbol of Latvian culture – Thunder Cross. The shirt is authentic and was found by a young woman in her grandmother’s dower chest. The cape is an imitation of traditional one that is usually worn by women together with national costume. The cape is usually held by a brooch, called Sakta – another important detail of the national costume. The brooch I used  is not an authentic Sakta, but rather something similar. To be totally honest, I found the brooch in a popular vintage market in Portobello Road, London, about a year ago.
The national part of my costume was paired with casual skinny jeans and elegant court shoes. It's so simple yet elegant, moreover, on such a background folk pieces are emphasized in a better way.
My choice of location fell for authentic Latvian countryside, where the atmosphere and, in general, Latvian culture can be felt at its best. Where can you find such a place around Riga? Simply go for a visit to The Ethnographic Open-Air Museum of Latvia. A very picturesque place!
To conclude, in my opinion, such an outfit can be worn by a young lady both for a cultural event, like Ligo festival, and for a fashion show. By means of such combination a lady can show support towards Latvian culture, but still stay modern. If you paid attention to street styles during New York, London, Milan and Paris fashion weeks, then you noticed blanket or cape trend. So why not use a folk one to cover your casual look? Or an elegant outfit?

Look of the Day:
Latvian folk blouse
Vintage brooch
Atmosphere jeans
Zara asymmetric strap court shoes