The fact that the list of fashion brands in Riga will gain another creative tandem reached me about a month ago. And I knew just a tiny bit about what it's going to be. 

So what is Veretténo? Who are the founders? And, most of all, how did the presentation of the brand and the first collection ever go? First things first!
The founders of Veretténo brand are two beautiful girls - Karina Zu and Victoria Punegova. I know Vika since school times, though she was one year my senior, moreover, I haven't heard anything from her for a couple of years. So it happened that life brought us together again, when we got involved in one project, you may also know her, but not personally, as the one who was behind photo-reports from Riga Fashion Mood. The main occupation for Vika now is her child - Veretténo, so from now on we all know her as a designer. I got to know Karina personally not that long ago, somewhere in the beginning of September, prior to that I knew her as a blogger, like many others do. So, while still residing on the foggy Albion, I often used to read her blog. Should point out that she writes really interesting articles, not only focusing on looks and photos (no wonder I mentioned it in my Bachelor's diploma, but it should remain our secret!). If I suddenly interested you, then you should go visit Karina Zu. But now she presented herself from a different side.
That's what this creative and versatile duo is all about. By the way, girls know each other since childhood, an this Summer decided to get even closer by starting business together. And this business is creating beautiful headpieces - crowns, as creators call it. It will remind many of you a traditional Russian headpiece kokoshnik, and it is so, but slightly modified. The main task the upcoming craftswomen consider to be an introduction of bright, unfamiliar stuff to the world that will eventually become essential attributes of modern fashionista's wardrobe. Crowns from Veretténo duo are lovely handmade products. The fabric that is used is cotton decorated with different prints. Crowns are gathered under the hair with ribbons, but durability of the products are guaranteed by flexed plastic, so after many many years you will be able to pass your crown to your daughter or even granddaughter. Two other crowns were shown during the presentation, one that is hand-painted and the second with crystals and fur. So we can expect that Veretténo collection will expand pretty soon.
The presentation itself was held in a small circle of friends, so to speak. The venue was The Lady's Class, which windows offer a stunning view over the old town. The young colleagues were supported by designer brands and EFL Fashion, so the models showed four looks that demonstrated that crowns can be used equally in an everyday outfit and evening one. To say that Victoria and Karina pleasantly surprised guests with their creations, is probably to say nothing at all. One and all were undoubtedly delighted!
You may already have a question - where can you check all the headpieces out and how can you buy them? At the initial stage, which is now, you can get familiar with the brand itself and their creations through the social networks (all links and details can be found below), but I guess that in the nearest future Veretténo brand could be found in physical stores around the town.
And in the end I simply can't remain silent. Because an interest towards crowns came from outside Riga. How do you think, in which of the four world fashion capitals one of the first Veretténo headpieces will soon appear? It is! In London! So, my fashionistas from all over the world, don't miss your chance to become the first Veretténo lady in your town!

Photo: Paul Ank

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