Though it's already October outside, Summer is still on out here, on the blog. 

My thoughts, in turn, already second day in a row are busy with the festival Riga Fashion Mood. The festival will be held the 10th time, but personally for me it will be the first Riga Fashion Mood.
Of course I did follow photo reports from the previous RFMs, but will attend it for the first time. And not just as a curious spectator, who bought a ticket in order to get a look at the collections of local designers, but rather as a representative of media or, to be even more precise, a blogger. As funny as it may sound, but this is already a job. And taking into consideration my interest as a person who has Bachelor's degree in fashion, it will be a look of professional.
What is Riga Fashion Mood? This is one of the most important and biggest fashion festivals in Latvia. Within two days, October 1 and 2, guests and fashion experts will see the collections of 15 Latvian designers, both experienced and upcoming ones. As it is known the following designers are claimed to participate - it's Natālija Jansone, More Salt, Baiba Ladiga, IN by Inga Nipane and many others. It is noteworthy that the collections that will be presented are for adults and kids as well.
Well, my looks for both days are made up and carefully thought out. I'm looking forward for tonight, probably like many others, who will come to the concert hall "Rīga". Those, who will miss Riga Fashion Mood out, will have a chance to check out the story and pictures.
Meantime, I suggest to brighten this cold first day of October with one of Indian Summer looks. Do I need to mention something about white color? Or a tandem of a jacket and a skirt, which together make a real suit? It's a win-win situation. You can add some contrasting prints to it, like stripes and leopard. Simple and elegant.

Look of the Day:
Reserved striped top
H&M jacket
HOLLY & WHYTE leopard print loafers
Fiorelli Belinda Grab handbag