Another look at brown leather combo a la suit. 

Riga Fashion Week mania is over, it means that we can now go back to basics. These were two amazingly interesting weeks.
First of all, it's 5 actual days of the fashion week. For me it was reduced to 4, as the fifth and final day was missed do to cold. This should be expected. Under the motto "beauty fashion requires sacrifice", I stubbornly kept on wearing lightweight clothes, I mean jackets and heels. But lets put all these details aside. These couple of days at the fashion week were filled with dynamics. Several shows per day, completely different collections, music which makes you wanna jump and start dancing. Yes, it's just a little part of a huge industry that we a chance to see, but so addictive!
Secondly, it's an entire week that was devoted to reviews that I had an opportunity to see with my own eyes. If at first it was a bit strange to write it, later on I got into taste, and it's pretty unusual now not to focus on such reviews. Of course, it's insanely nice to receive a word of gratitude from designers themselves and to know that they do repost your reviews.  To some extent it's a professional compliment to me, it means that I got the idea of a designer right.
In general, that's what the last two weeks were all about. Now I can't wait to go back to basics. And here's a new look. Remember about three weeks ago I talked about an accidentally created combination of skirt - jacket that turned into a real costume? No? Then head HERE.
So this time the combination happened to be more elegant. Jumper was replaced by blouse and biker boots - by attractive heels. Such a real fashion-lady look.  

Look of the Day:
iCe floral print shirt
Reserved faux leather/suede jacket
Zara leather skirt
Asos TRADE sandal boots
New Look croc print flap saddle