Continuing the topic of an Autumn getaway to a beautiful city of Cesis. 

I adore such little cities as Cesis. They possess a certain charm. Seems like time stops in such places and you get to eternity. Nature and ancient, centuries-old buildings... are source of inspiration, peace of mind and real beauty. 
At some point you start wondering, how people lived back then, some 500-800 years ago. After all there was no internet, television, phones. People generally knew about the world much less than we do now. They could live in a small city of Cesis and couldn't even dream about working somewhere, lets say, in New York. Modern people can not only dream about it, they are able to turn these dreams to reality.
It feels so good to escape to such places, at least occasionally. Away from crowd and bustle and closer to beauty. Enough words. That's the way me and my camera saw Cesis.

Photos: A. Puzova