Look from the series "total black". A bit of leather, a bit of military style and, of course, red lipstick. 

Not so long ago a wonderful person told me that black is my color. Personality color or something. I won't tell you who it was or in which connection our conversations reached black color, it's a kind of very personal conversation. The idea is that I'll always give preference to this color.
After such a statement I started to pay attention that in fact of choice, I often stop on black. Moreover, in black color I feel most comfortable, safe and confident. Even if my outfit only has a black bag. You say that it can be simple prejudice and self-suggestion. Autumn, and Winter even more, is this time of the year, which itself sets s person for grey and black tones. In a dull and grey day all of us want to put on all black clothes and wrap ourselves in it. Right? I would say no. Even in Summer-Spring, or rather Spring-Summer, period I often used black. It may not always be a totally black pieces, like sunglasses and my favorite sandal boots, it could be any of my printed tops in stripes and animalistic.   
But with the advent of Autumn, I seemed to turn back to total black looks, though in combination with at least one color. Either it is a bright coat or accessories or red lipstick. In today's look it was exactly red lipstick that did dilute blackness. But even without red lips the outfit wouldn't be boring. Coat-jacket in military style and leather pants made a very attractive tandem.

Look of the Day:
Isabella military style coat
Reserved top
Colloseum leather pants
Miss Selfridge heeled ankle boots