Perfect Autumn getaway to a beautiful city of Cesis... 

For what I especially love Latvia is for its, so to speak, compactness. You can in a car and two hours later find yourself in some beautiful town, like Cesis. And I'm flattered by the fact that I myself can drive a car having hardly-received driving license in my pocket.
No, I didn't get my license when I was 18-19, like majority of locals. I didn't even plan to drive a car, I guess I didn't. My 18-es I spent in graduation class and already back then knew that I was about to move to London. Having a car there, given that all - rules and cars - are arranged differently, was pretty against my plans. Moreover, the idea that I would have to sit behind the wheel and be responsible not only for myself, but for the safety of others didn't bring me a lot of enthusiasm. Simply put, I was more than a hundred percent sure that me and steering wheel-pedals-gearbox are things absolutely incompatible with life.
Then one day, while in Summer 2013, either from boredom or from a desire to experience new emotions, I decided to enroll in driving lessons. At first everything went like clockwork, theory course was a great success and then it was time for practice. Have to point out that I decided to do it seriously - with a manual gearbox. I thing I'll skip telling you the whole story about my driving lessons. I was allowed to pass my actual driving test only in January, so with trembling knees, sweaty palms and teary-eyed, I passed the exam from the first try. So, it's been almost a year since I'm a proud owner of driving license and almost half a year - an avid lodger of Latvian roads.
Honestly, car is a big evil, you get used to it so fast. On the other hand, you can always sit in a car and drive away somewhere. At least, Cesis. And simply take a walk in small streets of this beautiful town. Wearing super comfortable clothes, like a tourist - jeans, jacket and boots. And explore, explore, explore...

Look of the Day:
Sonia Rykiel embellished sweater
Reserved Collection faux leather/suede jacket
Zara skinny jeans
Marks&Spencer Indigo suede ankle boots
New Look croc print flap saddle