Glitter. First snow. And Christmas mood. 

First snow... first snow. Although it already melted, it managed to please us with its whiteness. It's not an easy breath of Winter anymore, it's a real knock on the door. First snow turned Christmas and New Year mood on. I immediately wanted to inhale smell of the fur tree that will soon appear in the house, to go to the Christmas market that will soon open and...
Remembered of London's Winter Wonderland with a variety of attractions and amazing window sets at Selfridges, Harrods, Hamleys. Big city is decorated with lots of festive lights, familiar Christmas songs are heard from all cafes and shops. It all strikes by its beauty and magnitude. In Riga all this is much smaller, I would say - more restrained. And even this, especially when combined with snow, takes you into a fairy tale.
Being in anticipation of the Christmas fairy tale, I decided to arrange it for myself now. Nothing much was needed. Only two glitter covered notebooks. How can you resist it? However, it took me a while to choose between blue, pinky-purple, white and black one. Pinky-purple and black were left at the store though. I've already found a purpose for the white one, by the way. Now it's called "Little Book of Ideas" and already has a few ideas inside. Due to its small size, my "book of ideas" can now fit in every single bag, so now, wherever I go, I can put all my ideas on paper. Fingers crossed and lets hope that all my ideas will be realized.


Photos: A. Puzova