Total black casual elegance. With a bit of golden Autumn vibes. 

I like looking at the pictures that are, at least, one month old. It's like a look into the past. It's like a look back at your personal history. Or a small piece of your personal history. Human mind is made so that it idealizes the past. When you look at your pictures from some time ago, you might admiringly think : "This is a beautiful picture. I look great in this one!". This process takes me a couple of days. As if the mind needs time to digest all the information and look at things differently...
Here and now, looking at these pictures from late September I want to go back to those days so badly. The golden Autumn period, when yellow and already fallen leaves started decorating parks and venues. Famous rhymes by Russian poets that are know to everyone from school years come to your mind straightaway. This is Pushkin, Tyutchev, Nekrasov and Esenin. Russian poets always loved Autumn and strongly praised it in their works. I bet you agree that there is something charming about this time of the year.
The last day of September was pretty cool, just knitted jacket worn over a basic top was not enough. Throughout September I was trying to fight the fact that in short time will have to wrap up in two hundred layers. It seemed that Summer just ended and the heat can't escape so quickly. And now it's already the second half of September! Breath of Winter is getting closer and closer, seems like that golden Autumn was just yesterday.

Look of the Day:
Reserved top
H&M crushed velvet track pants
KappAhl knitted jacket
Aldo Boyntochbeach suede court shoes
vintage pearl ring
New Look croc print flap saddle