Another look from the series "inspired by Latvian folk costume". 

This is the last from the three looks that I created with the elements of Latvian folk costume. To refresh your memory, the first look consisted only of the folk costume, you can check it out HERE, the second look was a modern interpretation of the folk costume that was created specially for the Fashion Patriots project, you can learn more about the project and find pictures HERE. Today's interpretation of Latvian folk costume I saved for November. So it happened in Latvia's history that November 18th went down in history as the day of Latvia's independence proclamation.
As I saved such a themed look for later, then why not share it now? As I already mentioned above, this look is a modern interpretation of Latvian folk costume. Even more modern than "Tautu Meita of a New Generation". If in the previous version you can still find the topic of Latvian folk costume, in the embroidery or in a brooch a la Sakta, then in this you can only suggest that the skirt might refer to folk costume.
Those readers who are familiar with the movie "Pūt, vējiņi!" directed by Latvian Gunars Piesis may now wonder - how does the title of today's post relate to the movie itself? There is no direct connection. It wasn't there originally. Just this atmosphere of peasant life and theme of Latvian folk costume evoked strong memories of the movie that made me watch it once again. I'm not going to tell you the story of the movie, so not to reveal you all the cards. Let me say that the important role in the movie is given to women's folk costume. Watch, enjoy and get inspired by Latvian culture!

Look of the Day:
Asos TRADE sandal boots
vintage brooch
vintage bracelet