Collection "Cabaret" by Amoralle opened the fourth day of Riga Fashion Week. The name of the brand and collection speak for themselves. 

For a note, Amoralle is the leading designer lingerie brand in Latvia. Since the launch, the brand attracted a lot of attention both in Latvia and abroad. The brand continues to grow, expand into new markets, moreover, its new collection "Cabaret" turned to be a real bomb. And not in slow motion.
The fashion show really made a lot of noise. When the masses of people saw the photos from the show, they literally divided into two camps. Some still wonder, how all this can be worn or how can they wear such stuff at work?! Seems that majority of locals fall into this group. Others, on the contrary, once again broke into love towards the brand and the designer Inese Ozola. The only thing I can say - BRAVO! My standing ovation goes to Inese and her team. Did they intentionally provoke people or it was an accident, the main point in terms of business was achieved - Amoralle received a lot of buzz! People still speak a lot!
About the collection itself. It's all in the best traditions of Amoralle and Cabaret. Silk, lace, velvet, feathers and a bit of leather. Burgundy, ivory, pearl and, of course, black and white colors. Semitransparent underwear and body, sometimes even too transparent. Chic capes a la home robes. Stockings and long gloves. In my opinion, a great synthesis of Amoralle and cabaret style. 
Speaking of "unbelievable amorality" and "complete provocation"... As I recall, Middle Ages and "no sex in the USSR" are long gone. Or maybe you haven't seen designer's Jean Paul Gaultier fashion shows?! Answering the question - "where can I wear this?". It feels that women have forgotten that they, first of all, are sensual unearthly creatures, who are meant to seduce and make the world more beautiful...