Anna Led and her best girl... Anna knows it pretty well - best girls live in a beautiful city of Riga. 

World fashion industry is simply filled with Annas. You'll never have enough fingers to count all of them. Most interesting is that all Annas are totally different. Yesterday we looked at the collection designed by Anna Kustikova, Sin on the Beach, but today we have Anna Ledskalnina, Anna Led. Two Annas of Latvian fashion that's how I would characterize them both.
Anna Led is so not a newcomer in Latvian fashion. It's far not the first time that Anna Ledskalnina shows her collections during Riga Fashion Week and every time, in every new collection, Anna revels a new side of herself.
Riga served as an inspiration for a new Spring/Summer collection. Its beauty and diversity. Combination of modernity and history, inherent to Riga and its architecture, is translated through combination of contrasting fabrics. So along with linen, mohair, cotton and silk the designer used neoprene and elastane. Would like to point out prints depicting Riga's Art Nouveau that were made by a young artist Mark Rozhencov. Very unexpected and very beautiful. You actually want to wear dresses with such prints. Equally like pencil skirts, various capes/vest and tops. 
You know, while in London, I was asked many times about what they are like, these Latvian girls? It's a pity Anna Led didn't create this collection earlier, then you would simply show pictures from the runway without any long stories. Yes, that's what Latvians are all about - bold, confident, always different and, most importantly, incredibly beautiful!