ASG at Riga Fashion Week. Or Italian fashion on Latvian runway. ASG на Riga Fashion Week. 

The name of the brand ASG is an acronym of the first letters of designer Antonino Salemi Garigliano's name. The partner-designer of Antonino Salemi in this business is Pierfilippo Cipollini. So we have two designers, males, moreover, Italians.
What did two hot Italians bring to cold Latvia? First of all, a completely different vision and approach to fashion. You can smell West from the collection.
Black and white collection is complemented by silver and gold. Probably a standard set of fabrics consists of leather, silk, cotton and wool. Straight lines, asymmetry, semi transparency and interesting design solutions are augmented by pleating. Brand logo, two rams, should be mentioned separately, it found its place both on clothing, namely in prints, and in accessories. 
There is particular dynamics, boldness and outside the box approach. And it's not about the level of industry's development, it's, primarily, about mentality. For example, I perfectly see Anna Dello Russo or the leading fashion blogger in the world - Chiara Ferragni - dressed in total look by ASG and striking a pose for the street style photographers from around the world.