The fashion show of Dace Bahmann opened the third day of Riga Fashion Week. Sport-y, stylish and colorful in its own way. 

Until recent times everyone knew this brand under the name Becarousell. But it looks like the designer Dace Krievina-Bahmane decided to rebrand her child a little bit, I mean to add small changes. The name was changed and now it's Dace Bahmann, logo was changed as well. Though aesthetics of the brand remained unchanged. Together with the change of the name, the perception of the brand changed. Dace Bahmann now is the same young woman with a strong position in life, self-confident and looks in the future without any fear, but at the same time she has got a certain experience.
Though Dace Krievina-Bahmane changed the name of the brand, she couldn't cheat on herself. Such fabrics, as silk, leather and cotton were used in the collection. Once again the designer proved that she can skilfully combine such fabrics. Discreet and calm colors, from black to beige, were, primarily, used in the collection. Designer couldn't do without prints that were, by the way, designed by artist Liene Podina. Prints turned to be quite colorful and "hot", as if they came from a southern country. And that's true. Travelling was the source of inspiration. Therefore, the collection is so diverse with restrained north and hot south motives.
Very sport-y, but at the same time elegant collection. What I particularly like, is the way Dace can outplay silhouettes. It's either a version that emphasizes waist, but with maxi or midi length, or mini version, but then combined with more loose top. Well, lets wait for Spring and get our sneakers ready, shall we?