Ivo Nikkolo at Riga Fashion Week. Estonian brand visited the most important fashion event in Latvia. 

Ivo Nikkolo is the most popular and successful Estonian brand in Latvian fashion market. Having celebrated its 20-th anniversary with great fashion show at Tallinn Fashion Week, the brand brought its collection to Riga Fashion Week. Such a large-scale anniversary celebration.
It's worth to point out that Ivo Nikkolo women are real business ladies, who like to combine seemingly incongruous pieces. Wide trousers and long vest, short trench coat and full maxi skirt, classic jacket in Chanel style and luxuriant evening dress - why not? Simple, everyday pieces find interesting solutions and are complemented by beautiful details thanks to Ivo Nikkolo. Black-grey-white palette dominates in the collection, but designers haven't forgotten about colors. Here you can see blue, hot pink and green colors, and even a combination of several bold colors can be found in eye-catchy prints.
What I really remembered about Ivo Nikkolo collection, is, firstly, an attempt to recreate the "two bag" trend that was introduced by Karl Lagerfeld at Chanel fashion show a couple of seasons ago, and, secondly, the idea of using black statement piece as a belt or a necklace. Simple yet outside the box.