M-couture and very Spring-y collection "After Rain". Delicately sweet pastel rainbow of fun and femininity. 

M-Couture with designer Julia Sardykova in head debuted at the fashion week a year ago. Still young brand got attention of many people already back then. It can be confirmed at least by the fact that the presentation of a new collection brought together so many people. Seems like all Riga was there.
Though the designer gave the new M-Couture collection name "After Rain", to me personally it looks more like sweet candies and candy wrappers. I can't fix my gaze at one piece! Sunny yellow, sky blue and juicy pink are replaced, and often complemented by white and beige tones. Light transparent fabric is replaced by leather, classic coats and pencil skirts find interesting solutions, for example, that pencil skirt with attractive cutouts on the sides.  
Julia Sardykova offers us not to be afraid of Spring-Summer rains, because after them we all will be such gentle, elegant dolls. A matching umbrella can be added and in such look you can stroll around the town even during the rain.