Brand QooQoo and their collection "Pool Party". Young and groovy brand offers us to to party it hard by the pool in the upcoming season. 

Don't know why, but QooQoo brand, in my mind, associates with youth, although the brand and designer Aljona Bauska don't set age limits to its clients. My associations are linked to enthusiasm, ease and some craziness that the brand carries.
QooQoo is for those, who strive for individuality and likes mixing casual clothes with something interesting.
The new QooQoo Spring/Summer collection is super Spring-y light, interesting and full of fun. On one hand, it's about light transparent fabrics, which were used, primarily, in tops and in some skirt, but on the other hand, it's about more dense fabrics, in the case of leggings, pencil skirts, etc., that were decorated with ironic prints and applications. Cat's faces, ice cream, hands - you won't forget such motives for sure.
So, Alena's idea is clear. Now we all are looking forward to Spring, warmth and unforgettable parties by the pool with fiery dance, maybe even in the pool.