"Ethnography" fashion show by RECYCLED.LV brand was the first one in terms of the 21st Riga Fashion Week, thereby it opened the main five days of capital's fashion life. 

The collection was dedicated to one of my all time favorite topics - "tautu meita" (Eng. "people's daughter"). So I simply couldn't leave the show without any attention, it would be equal to committing a crime. 
The concept of RECYCLED.LV brand is recycling, or simply a reuse of clothing or fabrics. In Western countries this movement has managed to gain momentum and become quite popular, while in Latvia it's more like innovation. Designer of RECYCLED.LV Ingrida Zabere got so inspired by recycling issue, while looking through magazines, and decided to start working in this direction. 
According to Ingrida Zabere, this collection is significantly different from previous ones. This time the designer immersed Latvia's ethnography taking women's folk costume and its variations, across the country there's many of them, as a base.
Linen shirts and pants, as well as pants and jackets made of wool, were used in the collection. To create accessories the designer used parts from bicycles and details of Soviet electrical appliances, and such elements of daily life, as coins and keys. Everything in this collection, starting with fabrics and colors and finishing with details and accessories, give associations of the "daughter of Latvian people".
The collection turned to be very beautiful and diverse. As always, I fell for capes and jacket-coats with gorgeous details, my biggest weakness. And accessories, necklaces and belts in particular, will for sure fit every fashionista's wardrobe.