Red Salt fashion show at Riga Fashion Week. Femininity and noble shades. 

Under the guidance of Indra Salcevica are several lines - Red Salt, Black Salt and More Salt. Red Salt line is made exclusively for women, while Black Salt targets male audience. The new collection of Red Salt was presented during the latest Riga Fashion Week.
Only "serious", noble shades - blue, green, brown, black. Flying semitransparent fabrics are in contrast to iridescent sheen ones. Feminine and elegant silhouettes. This collection is simply made for the first rows of fashion shows and red carpets!
And again, one of the few collections, presented at the fashion week, where I really enjoyed everything - inside and out. Every top, every suit, every dress. It's clear that the designer loves the female body, praising its beauty in every single creation. You don't need to say much here, just watch, watch and watch!