Sin on the Beach fashion show opened the second day of Riga Fashion Week. Ideal sin on the beach. Or better say in paradise? 

The brand created by a designer and stylist Anna Kustikova is very special one for Latvia. It happened that geographically Latvia is positioned near the sea, so a trip to the beach in Summer is a must. But designer swimwear niche in local fashion industry didn't have a strong player. Until Anna took it over by making a debut on a fashion week exactly a year ago.
The main twist of Sin on the Beach can be, and should be, considered colorful, bold prints. It was it that brought audience's attention to Sin on the Beach and forced curious ones to wait and wonder what the designer will offer this time.
And Anna Kustikova offered a very real Eden garden. The designer found inspiration in "Magic Garden", "Short Story About Adam and Eve", "Fall of Adam and Eve" and "Unicorn". That's where all these colorful and interesting prints are coming from.
Such fabrics as silk, cotton and lace were used in the collection. It's worth mentioning that in a new collection, apart from swimwear just like last time, the designer offered fashionistas a combination of shorts-top, cami dress and even a suit. Anna couldn't even left men aside. And that's right, how can beach paradise do without Adam?
In conclusion, I can only say that Sin on the Beach collection was one of my favorites at Riga Fashion Week. It's quite difficult to single out one or several favorite pieces, as all of them are perfect!