White blazer and crystal jewels. You can't imagine more attractive combination. 

What life can push you to. Here I am in the list of those who wore a bra-less blazer. A little unusual and... frank.
You don't see girls walking around the city in bra-less blazer that often. Especially during Autumn. Especially in Riga. It was Preciosa jewelry that spurred me. Namely, its captivating brilliance. Bohemian crystals in a combination with classics, white blazer and court shoes, and pieces of bare body look superb, alluring and charming. I've managed to put an eye on few blazers and bought a couple that's now ready to take a place of white comrade. In the mean time, we have cold Winters and I can only dream of Spring when it'll be more acceptable to go around the city in bra-less blazer. Or should I consider running away to a warmer place?
By the way, continuing the topic of bra-less blazers. Did you know that such a trend was introduced by the same person, who created tuxedo for women? Legendary Yves Saint Laurent. Tuxedo from Saint Laurent is a kind of a dream, if not of a lifetime, then of last years for sure. I so can see myself in the streets of Paris in black-black tuxedo.

Look of the Day:
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