The best moments of the year in one story. 

Well, well, well. We are about to say goodbye to the year 2014 and jump into a new one. As usual I want to have a look back at this year and remember what this year was all about for Practical Queen AP, i.e. for me.
Breakdown of my laptop was the first major thing that happened this year. I lost all my data, photos, videos - I mean a certain digital part of my life. The funniest thing about all this situation was my reaction. Everyone who got to know about this incident were feeling sad for me, everyone, but not me. I always look for some hidden signs and meanings behind everything that happens, so I considered this loss as a new turn, new chapter. Sometimes we need to leave it all behind and keep going, right?
I might forget about my data loss as the time goes on, but 2014 will remain in my memory as a big year due to university graduation. It was a crazy ride. I mean like jump on a plane and move to big city in order to study Fashion Business is not a usual thing for a girl from tiny East European city. But there's nothing better than be brave enough to follow your dreams.
Regarding the blog itself we have pushed the boundaries further. It's not just my visual diary anymore. You, readers, are now able to browse through different outfit posts and find similar pieces from various international retailers, which I totally love. Online shopping is super fun, isn't it? Likewise the most exciting this year was an opportunity to meet really interesting and ambitious people, who are following their dreams and most important, making those dreams come true. I also had a chance to put my fingers on few amazing projects, like Fashion Patriots, Preciosa Latvia x GlamGem and Katerina Zhigulich.  
Oh, and I almost forgot to mention my contribution to Lublu! magazine that is one of the most popular ones in Latvia. Writing about fashion for women, revealing some tricks and tips, is actually pretty challenging. It's so not the same as creating own audience out here. Lublu! is a magazine with history and its loyal female audience of different age groups and the trick is to be relevant to all of those women. It's such a valuable experience as many many years, prior my fashion business centered plans, I was thinking about becoming a fashion journalist. As they say, our thoughts have an ability to come true...
To be totally honest, I will never have enough space to mention everything that happened this year. But I can surely feature my most favorite looks and stories of the year in today's post. So let's have a quick look back at it was like. 

Photo Credits: Practical Queen AP