Sometimes black and white photos tells you more than colored ones. 

After making one of the pictures black and white on Instagram I wanted to undertake an experiment and make all images of this look black and white. I've never been a fan of black and white filter, though from time to time I use it in my Instagram photos. But I've never made a ful post in such style.
Black and white images are often assocciated with old photos that carry so much history in them. If you even looked at old photos, then you know what I mean. It seems that these photos tell about a person so much. As a little girl, I thought that people and the world used to be black-grey-white. All because I was born in the era of colorful movies and photos and when I saw an old black and white movie or a photo, I thought that people were colorless.
Speaking of contemporary photography in general, I think there are those that just need to being black and white. Simply because color may not always transmit a particular idea. Until today I never transmitted these thoughts on my photos. And this experiment with black and white photos won't be the last one...

Look of the Day:
Zara wool coat
H&M lips sweater
Zara skinny jeans
Marks&Spencer boots
Fiorelli Belinda Grab handbag