Christmas story from an emerging Latvian designer Katerina Zhigulich. 

Oh those beautiful boxes with a surprise. And if inside there is a gorgeous piece, a dress or a jewelry piece, from a very talented designer, then such a gift will turn you into Cinderella. Don't be afraid of midnight, carriage will not turn into a pumpkin. This fairytale will never end...
Katerina Zhigulich is a new name in the fashion world both Latvian and international. Designer creations are pure elegance and femininity and, most important, they are timeless. In Katerina Zhigulich dress you will feel like a modern princess ready for the ball and meeting with prince charming. Natural fabrics, handwork, first collection... Yes, it's just the first collection by young designer. Impressive, isn't it?
In anticipation of winter holidays we teamed up with Katerina Zhigulich for a special project that are revealing today. Festive mood, gentle gowns and admirable boxes with a surprise. Don't forget to please your beloved ones. Happy holidays and let the world around you be filled with love and beauty!