Warming up through winter days with over the knee boots and colorful faux fur coat. 

Once again I'm convinced that you shouldn't underestimate shopping on the Internet. First of all, it's convenient. You can buy any thing you like, while sitting on a couch at home or from your office desk, or while on train travelling to another city. Secondly, online shopping eliminates the possibility you'll face harsh or overly intrusive sales person, I, personally, have encountered such in Riga many times, or other shoppers who won't miss an opportunity to be rude towards you or even to tear a thing right from your hands.
Honestly, the question of staff recruitment in Riga worries me, but I'm more concerned about goods supply. I faced the fact that I can't find the piece that I want in any single store. They are either brought to stores when there's no interest left or not brought at all. The best example are shoes from today's outfit. I'd been looking for classic over the knee boots in black color throughout the Autumn, without any bonus like studs, shiny stones or some sort of embroidery.
I was already close to ordering it from abroad, but accidentally stumbled on Latvian online store LAMBADA.LV. I was pleased by the selection of shoes, here you can find classic pieces, as well as more trendy ones. Can't say that was hundred percent sure that ordered over the knee boots will come the same as in the picture. But as I've already managed to develop the skill "fit-doesn't fit" while shopping online, I decided to trust my instinct. And it didn't disappoint me, though in life over the knee boots happened to be even better.

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