Red riding hood in modern Russian version. 

Black and red are, no doubt, the best complement to Russian scarf. Not only because of similar colors, but also because of the combination of red and black themselves. There is a certain mystery and appeal in this color combination.
Just like black stuff pieces, a red colored coat and Russian scarf are my must-haves, without the last one I can't imagine my life any more. Wherever I go, I always take it with me. So, over the last three years, it had constantly travelled with me from Riga to London and back. Firstly, it's the biggest, warmest and brightest scarf in my collection. Secondly, it might sound strange, but Russian scarf always cheers me up.
In today's outfit Russian scarf happened to be the final touch. I added it to this edgy look the very last moment and it was an absolutely right decision. Embellished sweater, pencil skirt and biker boots - scarf, so to speak, did flatten the lines making the outfit more tender and, most importantly, more feminine.

Look of the Day:
Zara wool coat
Asos embossed pencil skirt
Red Herring biker boots
Russian floral scarf