Cream colors are simply made for Winter season. 

Periodically I get bored with dark shades and I try to get a small break. Then I put all light pieces out of my wardrobe and create something similar to today's outfit. Need to point out that even though in Winter such an outfit will look great comparing to other citizens covered in all dark everything and you'll seem a ray of light, but, unfortunately, it can be dangerous. No, not because darkness will swallow you, though, if you put it figuratively, this expression can fit perfectly. Melted snow and slush can very quickly find its place on the light clothes of passers-by.
It's a shame, but true. Light pieces are not very practical in our unstable climate. The only thing that can save you is the presence of own car, in which you will travel most of the time. Or public transport. Though it can't save your light outfit during a quick run to the doors of store/cafe/office/destination place and passing car that can artfully decorate light coat with black patches. 
Let's move away from bad. Let's hope that each of us will have a chance to wear a total light look at least once this Winter. By the way, with this outfit I did open my personal fur hats season! I have a lot of hats, and, unfortunately, only one head. Therefore, I'm kind of grateful for the frosts, as I can warm my head.

Look of the Day:
Oasis biker coat
Forever21 jumper
Seppala leather pants
Zara asymmetric strap court shoes
Fiorelli Belinda Grab handbag