Put your party dress on we are getting ready for New Year's Eve! 

One of the main December celebrations is over and it means that the next on the way is New Year. Almost the most awaited night of the year is getting closer and closer.
There's something special about December 31st. Apart form all this hassle and mass hysteria of "the last moment", the main night of the year brings all planet together in joyful anticipation. Anticipation of something new, happy, bright and exciting. It seems like a new year will be different, everything will be new. We, Russians, have this saying: "as you meet the New Year so you will spend it". Interesting here is that many people take it so seriously, so they chose the place, people and  scenario of the evening too properly... Just kidding, just kidding. But every joke has a bit of true in it. We actually do prepare really seriously for a New Year. Simply because it's the main holiday for us, larger than Christmas. Gifts, proper holiday table, filled with food so that the whole family can't get rid of it till Orthodox Christmas or steeper, Old New Year, and of course an outfit.
Going back to the topic "as you meet the New Year so you will spend it" once again. This expression is directly linked to the choice of an outfit. Trendy colors, fabrics, shapes - this is what girls, men to less extent, are really concerned about. In early December we already looked at the main ideas of festive outfits, if you missed it out, you can still check out the ideas HERE. And I want to say few words about how to refresh your black dress, little or maxi one. JE-WEL-RY. Jewelry will always come to the rescue and will help you to look at the outfit in a new way. Stone shine always fascinates and attracts attention. Invest in quality and get ready for enthusiastic comments!

Look of the Day:
ESPRIT silk maxi dress
Zara asymmetric strap court shoes