Something dark blue. Something vintage. Something transparent. Something for New Year's Eve. 

Let me start by welcoming you all in a totally New Year. We are in 2015 now! I had a chance to send my best wishes to all of you via my Instagram and Facebook pages. I want to wish you love and peace around you and in you in first place. I hope this year will be full of surprises, new discoveries and lots of adventures. Learn and experience everything new as it's the best way to develop and grow. And don't forget to dream. Dream big. Dream all time. Be brave enough to follow these dreams.
I hope you all had an amazing New Year's Eve with your families or friends. Had a lot of delicious food and raised your glasses on the midnight to welcome a New Year. I spent the night with my family, as usual. It's kind of tradition. I've tried to celebrate it in two places before with family before the midnight and with friends after midnight, but it just never seemed to work for me. I start feeling in such a rush, like a Cinderella (it's a bit awkward that I referenced this fairytale character a lot recently), who had to jump in her pumpkin when the clock hits 12. Plus my closest friends keep sticking to their families as well, so it's pretty natural to spend the night in a family circle. 
I guess this New Year's Eve was the first one with me not having any single sip of alcohol. It's been a while since I stopped alcohol at all, about half a year or so. I just don't feel like it now. So instead of a glass of champagne I raised my glass of orange juice on the midnight. Although I refused alcohol, I couldn't say no to all the delicious food. I mean like you can't sit and not eat, when all the others are really enjoying their meals. And let me add 1st of January dinner at the granny's. My granny is a cook and she knows everything about uber tasty dishes. So after two days of non-stop food celebrations I feel pretty much like kolobok ( a character from Russian fairytale). Therefore, my post-festive list is full with detox, healthy food and lots of work out. The last two are on my 2015 resolutions list. In 2014 while finishing university I was so nervous that stopped eating properly and that affected my health a lot. Eating disorders are not fun at all. I learnt my lesson, so my motto for 2015 is healthy eating and a lot of sport. Though I still am going to spoil myself with some chocolate and delicious desserts. You know, life is too short!
For my New Year's Eve look I went for something a bit different this time. Instead of romantic dress and curls I chose more manlike look. A suit in dark blue colors and sleek hairstyle. I did add some transparency with that beaded top. Been really inspired by all those sleek hairstyles recently. It's not that easy to achieve this sleek effect as my hair tend to live its own life. But I found a perfect way to style my hair with truly miracle ZEST hair gelly from LUSH. When I got it in Summer, I couldn't find purpose for it and was a bit afraid of its strong smell due to a mix of citrus oils. I'm not a fan of such flavors, but when used accordingly it's totally fine. Finally, in 2014 I've mastered my liquid eyeliner skills! And achieved this charming eye look for the Eve. 

Look of the Night
Wollsiegel blazer
Next beaded top
TOPSHOP trousers in print
Aldo Boyntonbeach heels
Lindex rings
Dior eye & lip makeup palette