Press clipping of the last two months. Major features of Practical Queen AP in digital and printed media. 

I try to update PRESS section constantly with new and newly discovered articles that I either find myself or am tagged/sent to me, where my looks or myself get featured. The last two months have been quite big, as I received several articles that came one after another. So I just felt like sharing my thoughts and love on these ones. I've already shared it on my social media profiles, but still feel like saying a bit more out here.
First of all, it's really sweet to know that my looks are selected as a source of inspiration by both big media names, like Fashion Forward and StyleCaster, as well as the developing ones, like Lookastic. Secondly, I feel truly excited as all the features are coming from completely different parts of the world and even though I might  not understand what is said in the article, my friends - acquaintances from around the world and a bit of online translators still try to bring me to the meaning. Finally, such things that to some people might seem like something small and unimportant mean a world to me just like every single person that reads these lines right now. Such things make me love what I'm doing more every single time. Yes, I do feel super honored and blessed this very moment.
So to finish my today's speech... I told you lots of times that fur hats are really a thing in Winter season, didn't I? And StyleCaster seems to agree with me on that: "Whether you live in a big city or a small snowy town, chances are that temperatures are at an all-time low this time of year, making us rely heavily on coats, scarves, boots and most importantly—hats". So, if you are on a hunt for a light furred hat, here's something similar for you in natural fur and in faux fur. Ladies go get them while they're hot!

Shopping Guide (Winter/Spring 2015 issue): Guide to a Perfect Gift