As they say, be careful what you wish  for. 

It's interesting how tricky can our mind be. If it doesn't erase something from our memory for good, it can easily get rid of some aspects. You remember I repeated myself dozen of times saying how much I want tough real winter, lots of snow like in a fairytale and how cool and magical it could be, and that winter is one of my all time favorite seasons, and that I missed snow so badly over the last several years, right? Now, please, let me take all those words back.
The reason I'm saying all the above now is that I totally forgot how awfully freezing and dangerous winter can be. Over the last couple of years I never stayed in this cold country for longer than 2-3 weeks during winter season. And it never seemed to be enough, as snow was never here, almost never during my stay. So this time I was really looking forward to have a tough Latvian winter fairytale with lots of crystal white snowflakes in the air and me jumping from joy in the streets of Riga city. Well, I actually do jump, but not from joy... it's all because of freezing cold. Sometimes I almost fall, but not because of gorgeously beautiful winter fairytale all around. I fall because of slippery streets that are all covered with ice and black'and'yellow snow. The truth is I'm not that kind of tough Latvian women who are able to survive half a year of winter. My shoes are not that though as well. And at this point I started to understand Evelina Khromtchenko and why every winter season she puts up the question of her shoes and street cleaning. Salt and chemicals all over the streets will ruin your favorite shoes just before you realize that. What can I say. Tough reality.
Meanwhile, biggest rescue in my battle with cold is fur both faux and real one. I guess there's no need to tell you that colored fur is one of season's main trends? And I got one such in faux fur - very big yet cozy hooded coat in eggplant color, though sometimes it tends to become a bit burgundy-ish. As I said  I totally love the fact that it's much bigger than me and has hood, so I can wrap myself in it and go battle all those freezing winds, blizzards and Ice Age.

Look of the Day
Diletta faux fur coat
Oasis turtle neck
Colloseum leather pants
Red Herring biker boots